Food as

Food as medicine is what inspired me to become as practitioner in the first place. It is my first port of call when I experience any ailment or imbalance myself and I love that it empowers people's health at home. We access food for fuel multiple times a day, why not make it medicinal? I love guiding people to become their own health care practitioner at home with a food as medicine practice.

Organic Farmer's Market

Food as medicine may seem overly simple at times. I find that most things that are can be overlooked, however if taken into account these simple things can prove to be incredibly powerful when applied.

People are often pleasantly surprised that by changing just one dietary habit, their every day life can change. Clarity of mind and concentration, ease of digestion or perhaps a stronger sense of self and less fatigue.

In my initial session with you I take in what is going on for the you in the present as well as your health history to date.

At the end of your initial session I will take the time to prescribe dietary changes and suggestions via email according to your presentation.

These food as medicine prescriptions really allow any treatment given to take its full effect. Often the diet is a large block to treatment aims. So, if we can tweak the diet a little (or sometimes just a bit more than a little) you will have a lot more success and progress with your treatment aims and goals.

Mostly, what I love about this part of traditional medicine is that each individual is able to take their health into their own hands. Empowering everyone in their innate health and wellness is a long standing passion of mine and I would love the opportunity to support you on that journey.