Ancillary Techniques

Ancillary techniques are the less known within the tool belt of Eastern Medicine. All of these techniques are a healing modality in their own right and some predate acupuncture.

Fire Cupping

Cupping is described as a reverse massage. It works at the level of the fascia and it is great for aches and pains. It can support natural immunity, increase circulation, and increase lymphatic drainage to relieve the body's toxic load.

& heat therapy

Moxibustion predates acupuncture and is a lovely, warming therapy. It increases warmth and circulation in the channels and tonifies their functions. It is very supportive in gynecological and digestive conditions, as well as when there is pain and inflammation. It is a very nurturing and moving modality.

Heat therapy works similarly with infrared mineralised heat lamp and is accessed to warm the interior for digestive and gynecological issues as well as musculoskeletal and more chronic pain conditions.

Gua Sha

Gua sha is translated as scraping. It's functions are similar to cupping yet it works at slightly more superficial level. Similarly it aids lymphatic draining, can increase circulation, relieve the body from heat that may be agitating the musculature or the mind, and is very calming. It is often used in musculoskeletal treatments and it is great to release neck tension and shoulder tension.