Eastern Medicine

And all of it's facets

When people hear Eastern Medicine, they often automatically think Acupuncture. While acupuncture is one main part of our practice there are so many components of treatment that we can draw upon to support your innate health.

You will find all the tools we draw upon at Grounded Medicine below. Each can be accessed as a treatment on their own but often will be utilised together to support the individual's treatment aim.

Herbs and Plants


Chinese Herbal medicine is a wonderfully supportive medicine that you can access at home. This enables you to be at the practitioner of your health at home.

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These guys often get less press but some, like moxibustion existed pre-acupuncture and are wonderfully supportive, each in their own way.

We have fire cupping, gua sha, heat therapy and moxibustion on the menu. If you want to find out more please click below.

Dry Roses in Vase
Natural Beauty


Acupuncture is one of the very well known gems of the Eastern Medicine world. We love utilising acupuncture treatment wherever we can, most sessions will include acupuncture unless the individual prefers otherwise. It support's the body autonomic nervous system, which is bliss.

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Food as medicine from an eastern perspective is wildly simple yet powerful in action. You can access this medicine in every meal you eat.

It empowers you as appointed health practitioner at home.

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Home Grown Vegetables